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Making Security Cloud-Friendly

Security in the cloud vs. cloud security – whose job is it anyway? According to F5 Labs researchers, 86% of successful data breaches begin with compromises of the application layer services or user identities – placing responsibility for app security squarely in the hands of the app owners, developers, and enterprises deploying them. Application security can be difficult and daunting, but it doesn’t have to be.

The cloud paradigm has made infrastructure easy for lots of us, and application security is poised to follow suit with advanced security tools now more affordable and accessible than ever via your favorite cloud du jour. We’ve reached a new inflection point where security tools once seen as costly and burdensome can now be seen as business enablers.

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What You'll Learn

• How security solutions such as WAF can help you cut costs in the cloud

• How to leverage WAF to reduce your development teams’ time-to-market delivery timelines

• How intelligent identification and classification of bots, scanners, and other automation can refine business intelligence

Guest Speakers

Nathan McKay
Security Solutions Manager
F5 Networks, Inc.

Robert Haynes 
Senior Solutions Marketing Manager
F5 Networks, Inc.

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