While the business realizations of 5G are still on the horizon, readiness strategies for deployment are already underway. Deploying your 5G infrastructure will likely be the most challenging “next-gen” network rollout ever in terms of scale and scope. Compounding these challenges are simultaneous demands to:

  • Rapidly transition to virtualized/cloud-based edge, core, and data networks.
  • Develop new, compelling services while preventing revenue and/or time-to-market slowdowns caused by potential network complexities.
  • Protect your network at massive scale, at every layer, and for multiple threats.

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What You'll Learn:

Join this webinar to learn about the strategies that the industry’s leading service providers are implementing to ensure a successful 5G transformation, including:
  • Optimized virtualization for predictable, linear scaling and effective fault isolation.
  • Multi-Edge Access Computing (MEC) solutions that can enable deployment of differentiated services.
  • Subscriber-aware technologies for security policy implementations.

F5 Speakers:

Mark Campbell - Sr. Product Marketing
Vernon Wells – Solution Architect, Service Provider
Andrew Bargery - Solution Architect, Service Provider

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