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We are living and working in an application economy, and data is the new currency. Consumer-led work styles and mobile-first approaches have paved the way for anytime, anywhere access to data. There’s an app for everything—organizations offer apps with data access to employees and consumers to drive greater productivity, meet demands, and ultimately achieve a competitive advantage. But, as organizations deliver more and more sensitive data through applications, they’re introducing ever increasing risk given today’s users are everywhere, frequently outside the corporate network, and the apps they rely on can be anywhere—from private datacenters to the public cloud. The outcome is less visibility and control for the organization, and cybercriminals are taking advantage of this, targeting the identities and apps themselves.

Apps are the doorway to the data. Data breaches are happening on a near daily basis, costing enterprises billions and executives their jobs. 72% of today’s data breaches occur because of a compromised user identity or a vulnerable application. Yet, 90% of security spend is still on a traditional security perimeter. Fragmented identities and decentralized applications introduce significant risk for vulnerabilities given the challenges of enforcing security policies across data center and cloud environments. However, security today is primarily centered around protecting your network and devices connected to it. This is not sufficient given the current state of application deployments, as the well-defined perimeter of the past disappears giving rise to new types of threats. Applications and access to those apps are becoming the new perimeter and protecting them defines the future state of security.

ANTICIPATE is a vendor-neutral conference, its features presentation by knowledge and presenting partners, seeks to protects the new perimeters (applications and their accessibility) and enforce security policies across data centers and cloud environments by gathering over 80 key stakeholders from ASEAN to explore ideas and exchange the best know-how in the industry.

This conference is hosted by F5 Networks and supported by industry analyst, cyber security practitioners and technology vendors in ASEAN. The theme for this year’s inaugural ANTICIPATE 2016 conference is “Secure the Next”.