It's not a matter of if It's a matter of when

Could your network survive a DDoS attack tomorrow? The F5 DDoS Guide and Customizable Action Plan can help you prepare.

DDoS attacks are sudden,
massive—and inevitable. Be ready.

The right response strategy can mean the difference between thwarting an attack or watching one bring your system to its knees. By following these ten steps, you can protect your network and minimize the effects of a DDoS attack.

10 Steps for combating DDoS in real time

  • 1 Verify the attack
  • 2 Contact team leads
  • 3 Triage applications
  • 4 Protect partners and remote users
  • 5 Identify the attack
  • 6 Evaluate source address mitigation options
  • 7 Mitigate specific application attacks
  • 8 Increase application-level security posture
  • 9 Constrain resources
  • 10 Manage public relations

Our DDoS Guide and Customizable Action Plan walks you through the steps to successfully fight an attack.